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Khaw Choon Ean, Head of Unit, Special Projects Section, Curriculum Development Centre (retired), Malaysia

"Following a feedback meeting in April 2001, one of our state education officials shared this comment from a teacher: 'Because of TOC, for the first time in nine years I felt I was a teacher at last.' "

    – 35,000 teachers trained in 2000-2001 through Curriculum Development Centre as part of new tansition program for all year one students     

    – Curriculum Development Centre implemented transition program using TOC tools for strategic planning.  Transition program implementation won prestigious award for innovation from Ministry of Education

Mrs. Hajjah Faridah Hj. Ahmad Rashidi, Headmistress, Perak

"It normally takes a longer time and many sessions of counseling to modify children's behavior but with the negative branch, the consequences of their actions are clearer to the children.  We save time to effect a change."


Mrs. Hajjah Norishah bt. Awang,  Teacher, Kuala Lumpur

"My year one children refused to be transferred to another class because they enjoyed their TOC lessons so much.  They cried and said they wanted  to stay back in my class!"