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Jose Martinez, Former Minister of Education, Monterrey, Mexico

"The TOC tools constitute a didactic strategy that leads us to establish communication and empathy.  They help everyone to develop the abilities and skills needed in all fields of life."

     – Established TOCFE 'office' in his organization and staffs it with 5 people whose job is to disseminate TOC to all teachers and teacher-trainees in the state of Nuevo Leon.

    – Co-hosted 2000 TOCFE Conference in Monterrey which was attended by 800 educators as well as Governor of state and other high level officials.

     – Sponsored TOC training in other Mexican states and also in Ecuador.

Claudia Aragon, Psychologist and Pedagogy Coordinator, Instituto Kant

"It's great to realize that I am not the only one who has needs that are important.  Doing the cloud makes me realize that the other person also has needs and are as valid as mine.  Also this is a tool that helps me solve any kind of problems."

Eva Perez Sanchez,  Comunication Director, Instituto Kant, Mexico

" Based in my personal experience, the course TOC is easy to use and helps to solve problems or situations in a more reasonable way.  I like it!!!!!!!!!!"

Laura Elena Leal Torres, Principal, Prim. Club de Leones #3, Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

"The TOC techniques offer the opportunity to think on many situations that sometimes, we ignore. To me in my particular situation, they will serve me well since they are related directly to problems with all teachers."

Sonia Elizabeth Contreras, Principal,Primary Arturo B De la Gar Montemorelos, Mexico

"I like the NEGATIVE BRANCH, because in this way, the student thinks on his actions and on his own, opts for the best road."

Pablo Sanchez Alvarado, Teacher,Primary Agustin Salazar, Montemorelos, Mexico

"With the tools of TOC, I feel calm and better prepared to assist in solving the problems that exist in the classroom."

Vincente V,  Student,  Monterrey

"The course really worked for me because I could raise my grades and stop fighting with my sister.  After taking the course, I do see how doing the homework helps.  The negative branch is the tool I like the most, because it makes you realize the consequences for an action."