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Dr. Corazon Santiago, Former Director National Capital Region, Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Manila, Philippines

"It's knowledge-for-use in every conflict I learnedin five days of awe in TOCFE sessions."

    – TOCFE brought to Philippines in 1998 through Rotary Grant.

    – Since 1998, over 3,000 teachers trained in full 5 day seminar.

    – TOCFE endorsed by Director of National Capital Region who supervises 8 million children.

    – 16 Filipino teachers attended 2001 TOCFE International Conference in Detroit at own expense.

Mario Gatus, Rotarian, Makati Central Rotary Club, Makati

"I think TOCFE is something business will gladly support especially considering that there is a clear methodology, there is a systematic way of measuring results versus plan and it allows for adaptation and improvement."