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Ronel Latief, Teacher, Littlewood Primary School, Cape Town

"Littlewood Primary School is situated in an area where the socio-economic conditions are very bad.  The pupils are subjected to drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and poverty.  They grow up in this environment and have little or no skills to handle their situations.  Many of our boys end up joining gangs.  Statistics with regard to teenage pregnancy among our girls, once they go to high school, is very high.  The TOC workshops empowered educators with methods and skills that they could teach the pupils.  They now have the knowledge to guide pupils, in a logical manner, to identify conflict and to reason their way through situations.  More importantly, pupils can see the outcome of their actions.  The TOC workshops rated amongst the most successful workshops held at our school.  It was a huge success."

Leesen Naidu, Student, York High School, George, South Africa

"The content of the course is undeniable useful.  My rationalising skills have improved and I noticed that decisions that would be difficult to make, I decide in no time. The planning of projects, events, speeches etc. now take up minimal time.  Daily conflicts are resolved with little effort."


Michiel Moll, Lecturer, Boland Teacher's College, Wellington

"The Ambitious Target Tree is a very powerful weapon in the student's arsenal: many are struggling with the idea of a life plan, and how to set about their life's ideals; there are also great opportunities to show them the use in more immediate aims such as setting up a practical course."