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Linda Trapnell, Headteacher, Nottingham

"Children need to learn to analyse problems and, through TOC, we are giving them a framework to do it."

    – Every student in school (250) has been exposed to TOC tools.

    – Cloud painted on playground to resolve disagreements during play time.

    – Demonstration of  TOC by students to Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools who commented on efficacy of TOC program to media.

    – Article on use of TOC at her school in educational journal Scholastic, (Aug 1998)

Molly, age 6, Nottingham

"I remember the stories better because I understand the cloud."

"Megan's Mom", London

"Since using TOC with Megan, it has been noticed by school staff that (in their words) 'Megan has matured so much. I can see a distinct change in her attitude and behavior.'  Everyone (family, friends, school) has noticed a dramatic improvement.  The good thing is, that it seems to be lasting."