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Polish Young Learners

Students in early childhood classrooms in Poland are using TOC thinking  and communication tools to understand  stories, solve problems and organize their time before they are able to read and write.

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Theory of Constraints (TOC)  is a  set of thinking processes along with common sense methodologies used to logically identify and overcome key limitations that inhibit a person, group or organization from achieving its goal.  Most educators very much  aspire to  a goal of preparing   students of all ages  to become responsible and productive now and in the future.  Yet, in spite of good intentions, dedication, and  current best practices, many obstacles still limit the  improvements needed to achieve this objective.

In the words of the creator of TOC, Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt (1947-2011),  “Every improvement is a change but not every change is an improvement..”  If we want to create the  improvements we envision, then we  must effectively address three questions:

What to Change?

What to Change to?

How to Cause the Change?

TOC for Education, Inc. (TOCfE)  is a not for profit foundation (US 501c3) established in 1995 to address these questions in education  through the dissemination of a set of  highly robust, logic- based thinking and communication tools.  These graphic, practical tools enable students of all ages to accomplish goals, analyze information, solve problems--and to do so in a way that engages their wish to learn.  Working without regard to age, culture or political system, the TOC tools are simple enough to be used by kindergartners and profound enough to be used by CEO’s.

TOCfE has trained over 250,000 education stakeholders in over 20 countries on 6 continents with an impact on over 8 million children….and all with whom they interact in their homes, classrooms and communities.

The 16th International Conference for TOC for Education will be held in Gdansk, Poland Nov 29 - Dec 1 2018

2017 Conference