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Business Partners

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For information on how to become a TOCfE business partner, please contact Kathy Suerken:

Founded in 1978, The Bonadio Group is a nationally-ranked top 100 CPA firm with offices in Rochester, Buffalo, Alban, Syracuse, Utica, Geneva, Perry, New York City and Rutland, VT.  They have grown and diversified from a firm offering auditing and tax services to a multi-dimensional accounting, IT consulting, business advisory, and financial services organization serving the needs of commercial, small business, public, tax-exempt and individual clients.  The Bonadio Group donates supportive accounting services to TOC for Education.

Founded by Dr. Eli Goldratt, Goldratt Consulting  is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel with representatives  around the world.  Goldratt Consulting uses the tested TOC body of knowledge to create unprecedented  performance and bottom line results.  Goldratt Consulting has been a major sponsor of TOCfE International Conferences as well as funding IT services for a 2012 free 3 day Virtual Conference attended by participants from more than 30 countries.  Goldratt Consulting donates the knowledge of its training programs offered at “Goldratt House” (Goldratt Group Center) in Israel to qualified TOCfE associates.  Goldratt Consulting, Japan has launched and is sponsoring a TOCfE training initiative for the general population that has educated over 500 participants, many of whom are now sharing the TOCfE tools with family, friends and business associates. They host an annual TOCfE symposium every February.

FMER is a non-profit family foundation oriented to promoting innovative and sustainable educational projects through a model of collaboration with teachers in schools serving vulnerable communities in Peru.   It was founded in 2011 in order to continue the work that MEPSA has done in education.  FMER has sponsored TOCfE trainings and events in Lima, Ica and Huancayo with plans to introduce TOCfE in city of Cuzco in April 2014.  FMER sponsors an annual Eli Goldratt Pedagogical Contest  and awards event.

Rotary Clubs: Mid Bay, East Los Angeles, Makati Central, Cubao West, Manila

Several Rotary Clubs have been working with TOCfE since 1997 to bring the TOC thinking and communication tools to children worldwide in order to leave behind a more peaceful and understanding world.  These Rotary Clubs have sponsored trainings for hundreds of teachers, sponsored booths at 4 Rotary International Conferences and provided travel expenses for teachers to attend TOCfE International Upgrade Conferences.

The Learning Community International (TLCI) is an accredited Maryland private school operating a unique custom designed educational program since 1984.  TLCI’s mission is to empower students to reach their highest potential through a process of reflective learning, self-evaluation and self-correction.  TOC logical thinking tools leverage the goal of transforming learning from information gathering to knowledge creation.  TLCI is committed to supporting TOCfE and implementing TOC in schools and programs to create a better world.

TOC for Education - Australia Inc. provides workshops and training in the TOC logical thinking and communication tools to students, parents, caretakers, educators, education administrators, counselors, community groups and organizations.  At the heart of their approach is the desire to contribute to a better world by teaching children and adults new and effective ways of thinking in order to improve their lives and opportunities now and in the future.

NeoGrid has been at the forefront of supply chain collaboration for more than a decade, helping companies balance inventory, minimize out-of-stocks, increase sales and find the right suppliers with which to partner. With over 600 people working in nine languages across 34 countries spanning five continents, NeoGrid supports some of the largest retailers worldwide. According to Interbrand (2011), NeoGrid supports clients from 23 of the 100 most valuable brands in the world.   Neogrid, Brazil is partnering with TOCfE and local education authorities in Joinville, Brazil to bring TOC thinking and communication tools to Joinville students through TOCfE seminars for teachers and counselors.

The Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt Foundation is a non-profit organization organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to fund fellowships and grants to innovate practical applications and broaden the advancement of knowledge of the Theory of Constraints. The Foundation wants to increase the awareness of TOC potential, increase the credibility of the TOC processes and generate excitement about TOC through new, significant successes. The process of on-going improvement is best served when TOC extends its application into new domains, improves its implementation methods, simplifies its tools, widens its applicability, deepnds the understanding of TOC principles and applies its tools to achieve important social goals.  The Goldratt Foundation provided grants in 2013 for specific TOCfE projects in Israel, Peru and Mexico.