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TOC for Education Certification,  Level 1-120

Chest of Secrets Program

(Critical Thinking Skills for Early Childhood Education)

12 hours of instruction for teachers and 12 hours of TOCfE instruction for children.  Program includes training manual for teachers, complete package of resources for children that include mats to kinesthetically practice the tools in group settings.

Prerequisite:   None - entry level

General Objective:

Teacher training: To prepare teachers to understand the rationale for and how to use these training materials with young learners who have not yet developed reading and writing skills.  To develop the ability and confidence of teachers to immediately start using the program that will securely guide them through the TOC tools and methodology without prior TOC training or experience.

Student training:  Using prepared, relevant stories, teachers and children will learn together 3 TOC tools that enable them to significantly improve:

Specific Learning Objectives:

For more information such as training fees, dates and locations, please contact:   Kathy Suerken at: