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TOC  for Education Certification, Level 2- 200

TACT and TACT, ETC. Facilitator

18  Hours of TOCfE Instruction

Prerequisite:  TACT, ETC. Certificate and portfolio of case studies utilizing  the CLOUD,  Logic Branch, and Ambitious Target Tree.


General Objective: Effectively prepare participants to transfer the TOC knowledge of TACT and TACT, ETC. to groups of adult learners.

Specific Objectives:

Qualification:  Upon completion of required hours of instruction plus a portfolio of case studies demonstrating proficiency in the Cloud (day to day and chronic) Logic Branch, and Ambitious Target Tree, participants will receive a  certificate to train and credential  others in TACT or TACT, ETC for a period of two years.  Licensees will be offered periodic opportunities to upgrade skills.  Upon completion of upgrade and documented results of one facilitated training, original certification will be renewed for additional two years.

For more information such as training fees, dates and locations, please contact:   Kathy Suerken at: