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Dr. Suzanne Klein, Superintendent of Schools, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

"Learning the Theory of Constraints can provide the tools to bridge the gap between having 'good' ideas and effectively making the improvements we envision."

    – Used in personal planning and implementation of projects as well as resolving employee disputes

    – High school in her jurisdiction developed TOC processes for conflict resolution

Larry Till, Counselor, Assistant Principal, Joy Middle School, Detroit, Michigan

"TOC has become a way of living at Joy Middle School.  It has helped us to raise test scores and reach students who previously experienced failure.  TOC has given students and teachers hope for a brighter future and the vision to see the infinite possibilities that exist for all."

    – Extensive work using TOC in Peer Mediation,Counseling and School Management.  Has taught TOC to almost every staff member of his inner city school.

    – Compelling anecdotal stories of efficacy of TOC with children with special needs (emotional and academic)as well as mainstreamed children (available on videotape).

Jennifer Harris, 8th Grade Inclusion Teacher, Takoma Park Middle School, Takoma Park, MD

"In World Studies, the TOC process has helped the students put an immense amount of facts and information into a logical and systematic order.  From this, they are able to extract and apply information to writing prompts, group discussions, and expand their answers beyond basic recall.  This is phenomenal because many of the students being served in this class were once self-contained special needs students who are reading at or near a third or fourth grade reading level.  The TOC process has given them the ability to clearly understand how facts and information related to other areas in history and it has pushed them to another area of higher-order thinking."


Denise Meyer, Assistant Principal (retired), Hoover Avenue School, Los Angeles, CA

"TOC is simple enough to be used by kindergartners and powerful enough to be used by CEOs."

    – Wrote TOC manual for teachers to use in life skills curriculum, LA Unified School District (LAUSD).

    – Used TOC with children from many schools while working for Multicultural Relations Office, LAUSD.

    – Extensive research on efficacy of TOC with children both in behavior and content.

Mary Ellen Bourbeau, Counselor, Parcells Middle School, Grosse Pointe, MI

"At last we have tools to achieve differentiation, to effectively teach content to groups of children who may be at different levels of understanding!"

    – Uses TOC extensively in work as counselor of large middle school and has trained staff at several other local schools.

    – Has made several presentations on TOC at state level counseling conferences which have generated requests for training.

Beverly Brown, English teacher, Ashland High School, Ohio

"I will now work on cause and effect before I teach essay writing.  This course has changed my entire way of teaching.  I now see the process is the problem, not the student."

Holly Hoover, History Teacher, Woodstock,VA, Ashland High School, Ohio

"I have had no further problem with tardiness with my students who completed their negative (cause and effect)branches. 100% SUCCESS!  I like those odds."

Manfred Smith, 8th Grade History Teacher, Takoma Park Maryland, President Maryland Home Education Association

"The power of TOC to plan great lessons that teach both logical thinking (process) and content was dramatically illustrated to us as we moved forward with increasing speed, confidence and excitement and outlined the best plan of study for a curriculum unit that I have done in 31 years of teaching!"

David Beltran, Parent & Past President, East Los Angeles Rotary Club, Los Angeles, CA

"There are no words that I can put on this paper to relate my feelings of excitement and hope for our children's future.  These tools are solid."

Becky A.  Student, Niceville, Florida

"Clouds: Finding a happier world starting with a happier life.  Don't War it!  Write it!"

Andy L. Student, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

"TOC really makes you say what you mean."

Rachael A. Student, East Los Angeles, California

"If you look at my [cause and effect] tree you can seethe letter is an S.   It's an S because Steven was my enimie (sic) then. Now I think we become friends."

Becky B.   Student,Niceville, Florida

"TOC makes you realize it is not the people that are the problem, it is the situation."

D. T.  Student, Los Angeles, California

"Using the cloud really helped me to understand and cooperate with the rules this teacher and the other teachers give us."

Frank  I.  Juvenile Offender,California

"Well, first of all I thought the [TOC] lady was making a lot of sense.  I hope she succeeds because if she does,it will benefit young people.  It will help people from coming to jail and help people make the right choices and make something positive out of their lives."