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Level 4:        Lead Facilitator

    ARC (Addressing Resistance to Change)

Level 3:    TOC Learning Connection Master Facilitator

Level 2:                    TOC Learning Connection Facilitator

                         TOC Learning Connection

                 TACT ETC Facilitator

Level 1:                                 Chest of Secrets

                                   TACT ETC (Empowered to Change)

                         TACT (Thinking and Communication Tools)

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Levels are based on the degree of TOC knowledge being taught

TOC Thinking and Communication Tools

The CLOUD is a graphic organizer that defines and analyzes a problem through different points of view in a way that eliminates the conflict without compromising important needs.

The LOGIC BRANCH is a logical structure that describes through cause-effect relationships how an entry point leads to outcomes.

The Ambitious Target Tree is a logical structure that analyzes obstacles to ambitious targets in order to develop feasible strategic plans that convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones  called intermediate objectives.

The Transition Tree is a diagram that analyzes the logic of actions in order to provide clear instructions and to ensure that actions lead to desired outcomes.

The Categories of Legitimate Reservations (CLRS)  is a set of  questions used to clarify internal and external communication in a way that fosters polite discourse. These questions represent concerns or doubts that prevent us from accepting information wholeheartedly.

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